Rye gin with a tasty, citrus-fresh aroma. C02 neutral and produced in organic quality.

STORK CLUB on the way to climate neutrality

You may have noticed that at the end of 2021 we started the process of bringing the STORK CLUB distillery on its way to climate neutrality. At the beginning of the year, the organic certification was added, which we had been trying to achieve for a long time. Everything with the aim of making our company more sustainable in the future, after all we are in the middle of a fantastic biosphere reserve and we want our children to benefit from it later.

You must have also noticed that we had to give up the Humboldt Gin brand at the beginning of the pandemic. Not an easy decision, but essential at the time in order not to endanger our whiskey production, which is always our top priority.

But we also have to be honest: the demand for gin is still high and so it was clear that we really wanted to have a gin in our portfolio again that we can offer you with a clear conscience.

Thanks to our organic certification, it was clear that a gin would be of organic quality and after discussions with our climate partner PLANTED, through which we are already offsetting the CO2 emissions of our team, it quickly became clear that that we also wanted to produce our new gin in a certified climate-neutral manner.

Certified climate neutral

With the help of TÜV Rheinland, we then began to calculate the exact CO2 emissions of a bottle of gin, "from cradle to grave" - ​​in German "from the cradle to the grave". Not only the CO2 emissions of the actual production are calculated, but one starts with the production of the raw materials of the product (juniper, citrus, rye alcohol, etc.) and its packaging (jar, label, etc.) and only ends with the throw the empty gin bottle through you into the glass container.

With approx. 1.9kg CO2 emissions per bottle, we already have a comparatively low CO2 expenditure - due to energy savings in the production process, the selection of ingredients and the equipment - but still 1.9kg too much for one climate-neutral production. This is where PLANTED comes into play. With this non-profit GmbH and its reforestation projects in Germany, we neutralize the resulting CO2 quarterly based on the bottles of gin sold.

Since transparency is very important to us here (not every company is like that, especially when it comes to climate! ;-)) you can view the entire product report from TÜV here:

Here is the link to TÜV

Talked enough. How does it taste?

STORK CLUB Organic Rye Gin is a classic gin in the real sense. The juniper is bold, tangy and aromatic, but is kept in check by loads of fresh citrus (fresh grapefruit, lemons, limes and oranges). This gives it a refreshing sweetness that can be used with tonic as well as in cocktails.

And how could it be otherwise with us... the alcohol is of course made from the best organic rye!

Are you thirsty now? Then get a bottle right here!

STORK CLUB Gin & Tonic

Tonic Water
garnish: lemon zest

a Take a large glass, fill it with ice cubes, pour in 6 cl of the delicious STORK CLUB organic rye gin and top up with Thomas Henry Tonic Water. Optionally garnish with lemon zest. Done, enjoy!

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