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STORK CLUB NEWS - current information about new STORK CLUB releases, as well as exciting background knowledge about the distillery and other current news from the world of whiskey.

STORK CLUB Sakura Rye Out now!

Inspiriert von der japanischen Kirschblüte (SAKURA) und den Brandenburger Kirschbäumen haben wir vor einigen Jahren frische Kirschen mit Brandenburger Roggen eingemaischt, destilliert und für mehrere Jahre in europäischer Eiche reifen lassen.

Sichert euch jetzt eine von 860 von Hand nummerierten Flaschen der Experimental Series No. 4!

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Die STORK CLUB Whiskey Sour Hour ist eine Verneigung vor dem Whiskey Sour.
Im Aktionszeitraum vom 26.08.-03.09.22 bieten einige der besten Bars Deutschlands ein exklusives STORK CLUB Whiskey Sour Menü an.

Bars & Whiskey Sour erkunden

HOFFEST am 27.08.2022

Unter dem Motto Whiskey, Bier, BBQ & Gute Laune findet am 27.08.2022 von 10-22 Uhr das STORK CLUB Hoffest statt, in der Stork Club Whiskey Destillerie (Dorfstr. 5 / 15910 Schlepzig).

Das Programm umfasst unter anderem: Kostenlose Führungen, Kids Entertainment, Live-Musik & DJ, Gratis STORK CLUB Tattoos (jawoll!), Cocktail-Bar, uvm.

Sei dabei!

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Germany's first kombucha cocktail in a can!

This thirst quencher was created as a limited edition in cooperation with ROY Kombucha.

The perfect complement for BBQs and picnics in summer.

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STORK CLUB x Still in Cask | Mizunara cask share

Through our partnership with "Still in Cask" you already have the opportunity to secure a cask share from the coveted STORK CLUB MIZUNARA.

If you buy cask shares through Still in Cask, they will be sold in a public blockchain of the Stellar network. This guarantees you a more secure, transparent and publicly accessible documentation of the sales contract between you and the distillery.

After a few years you can redeem your barrel share for a 500ML bottle.

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STORK CLUB Launches Organic Rye Gin

STORK CLUB launches Gin from climate-neutral production.

Rye gin with sweet, citrus-fresh aroma. C02-neutral and produced in organic quality. The resulting CO2 emissions of each bottle of STORK CLUB Bio Rye Gin are 100% compensated.
The TÜV even confirmed that!

Special feature: Organic quality, climate-neutral production, vegan
Base: Rye from organic Cultivation
Aroma: juniper & citrus, fruity, spicy, refreshing!

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Registration for the STORK MEMBERS CLUB SEASON II - 2022/2023 is now possible!

After the successful first year full of great events, exciting workshops, special bottlings and lots of good whiskey, the next round is about to begin.

Attention: Registration is only possible for a short time. Places are limited!

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Distillery tours bookable in 2022

Experience how we make Germany's best rye whiskey.

The dates for the STORK CLUB Rye Whiskey distillery tour including whiskey tasting for the entire year 2022 can now be booked online and tickets can be booked.

Get tickets today for you and your friends for a guided tour of the distillery including a whiskey tasting.

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STORK CLUB On the way to climate neutrality

Our goal is to become a completely climate-neutral company by 2024. Because nature is very important to us. It provides us with all the raw materials we need for our distinctive STORK CLUB Rye Whiskey.

In addition to internal measures to avoid CO2 emissions, in our distillery located in the Spreewald Biosphere Reserve, we work with PLANTED and in a first step, balance the CO2 balance of our entire team by reforesting German mixed forests. In the B2B & Gastronomy sector, together with ECO SPIRITS, we reduce packaging waste and replace the "single use" bottle with 4.5L reusable carboys, in a circular economy. In addition, thanks to organic certification, we can finally produce our whiskey and other spirits in organic quality from 2022.

STORK CLUB x Robin Zöffzig Art Edition #1 Release

STORK CLUB Whiskey launches its first "ART EDITION" limited to 444 bottles in collaboration with artist Robin Zöffzig, as a homage to the diverse intersections of craftsmanship and art, and donates 1/3 of the proceeds to the aquamediale e.V. association.

In addition to the bottle, there is an original and signed piece of the "El Dorado" artwork.

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The Experimental Series #3 - Rye x Rye Beer was created in cooperation with the BRLO brewery. This "Rye Hoch 2" whiskey with a gentle, creamy note of butterscotch.

First, the BRLO brewery brewed a powerful rye beer (Rye Wine), which was then matured in STORK CLUB Rye Whiskey casks. These casks were then used to mature the whiskey.

Available in a set with the beer for a limited time.

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