STORK CLUB Experimental Series

In 2016, Sebastian Brack, Steffen Lohr and Bastian Heuser took over a small distillery in Brandenburg - with the vision of making it one of the world's best rye whiskey distilleries. Against all odds, they have come a big step closer to this vision in recent years.

Adventurous as they are, they have not submitted to every traditional whiskey rule, but deliberately break the category piece by piece. Creativity must know no limits! The STORK CLUB Experimental Series was born.

Experimental Series #5



Experimental Series No. 5 - Fifty Fifty New Make Kollaboration mit St. Kilian (ab 1:22:08)

Auf 1050 Sets limitiert!

ST. Kilian Distillers

St. Kilian Distillers, gegründet 2012 im Odenwald, ist eine führende deutsche Whisky-Destillerie, die durch traditionelle Handwerkskunst und innovative Ansätze herausragende Single Malt Whiskys hervorbringt.

Als Partner für den STORK CLUB ist St. Kilian der ideale Verbündete, da beide Destillerien die gemeinsame Vision teilen, deutsche Destillationskunst auf höchstem Niveau zu präsentieren. Die Handwerkskunst von St. Kilian, gepaart mit ihrer innovativen Herangehensweise, ergänzt perfekt die kreative Mission des STORK CLUBs, einzigartige Whiskeys zu kreieren.

Fifty Fifty Unpeated


New Make: 50% STORK CLUB Rye / 50% St. Kilian Mild
Fässer: First fill Ex-Bourbon (50l & 190l), Virgin American Oak Char #3
Tasting Notes: In der Nase Ahornsirup, Pekannuss und Rum; am Gaumen Trockenfrüchte, Salzkaramell mit leichtem aber unverkennbarem Rye-Finish: lang-anhaltend und wärmend, mit einem Hauch Rumtopf und Pfeffer.

Fifty Fifty Peated

ST. KILIAN Fifty Fifty Peated

New Make: 50% STORK CLUB Rye / 50% St. Kilian Rauchig
Fässer: First fill Ex-Bourbon (50l & 190l), Virgin American Oak Char #3
Tasting Notes: Würziger Duft von Getreide und Nelken, begleitet von Vanille und zartem Karamell, vereint sich mit mildem Rauch und trockenen Aschetönen. Fruchtige Noten von Aprikosen und Pfirsichen dringen langsam durch. Die cremige Mischung aus Fruchtnoten, dunklem Karamell und würzigen Nelken wird von wärmendem Torfrauch, Eichenwürze, trockener Zartbitterschokolade und einer Prise schwarzen Pfeffers begleitet. Wärmende Noten von Fruchtmarmelade, Espresso und eine Prise Nelken ergänzen das harmonisch lange Finish.

Experimental Series #4

Rye Whiskey X Cherries & Sakura


Experimental Series No. 4 - Rye distilled and infused with cherries and cherry blossom.

Limited to 860 bottles!

give me the cherry

Inspired by the Japanese cherry blossom (SAKURA) and the Brandenburg cherry trees, we mashed fresh cherries with Brandenburg rye a few years ago, distilled them and let them mature in European oak for several years. To round it off, a dose of self-picked cherries and cherry blossoms from the 2022 harvest followed.022. KANPAI!

raw material : Brandenburg rye & sour cherries

barrel : German Napoleon oak

dosage : Brandenburg crunchy cherries from the Lindicke fruit farm and cherry blossoms from Teltow

Tasting Notes : Sweet cherry, almond, winter spices, pepper

Drinking recommendation : in a tumbler with an ice cube and an orange zest.KANPAI!

Sakura Rye Manhattan | signature drink

Ingredients :
2 cl red vermouth
2 dashes of Angostura bitters
Glass: martini glass
Garnish: cocktail cherry

preparation :
Fill a mixing glass with plenty of ice, add all the ingredients and stir well. Strain into a chilled martini glass and garnish with an optional cocktail cherry.

Experimental Series #3

Rye Whiskey x Rye Beer


Experimental Series No. 3 - STORK CLUB Rye Whiskey x BRLO Rye Wine
Limited to 960 bottles!


BRLO, as a Berlin brewery and gastronomy company, stands for modern beer variety and distinctive experiences. The ideal partner for our "Rye Hoch 2" project.

First, the BRLO brewery brewed a powerful rye beer (Rye Wine), which was then transformed into STORK CLUB Matured in rye whiskey casks. These casks, in turn, were then used to finish the whiskey to give it a smooth, creamy butterscotch note. Perfect for the campfire!

Bold in flavour

STORK CLUB Rye Whiskey x Rye Wine Finish
Raw material
: 100% German rye

Barrels: First Fill American Oak, Napoleon German Oak, BRLO Rye Wine Barrel Finish

Tasting Notes: Butter caramel, toffee, Irish cream, pecans, dried plums, Long lasting, smooth and warming

BRLO Rye Wine
Ingredients: brewing water, barley malt, rye malt, hops (Magnum), Yeast

Special feature: chestnut-coloured, caramel-creamy beer specialty

matured in whiskey casks

Experimental Series #2

Rye Whiskey x Cereals


Experimental Series No. 2 - STORK CLUB Rye Whiskey infused with Cereals.
Limited to 500 bottles!

Rye whiskey infused with cereals

We were inspired by Christina Tosi (Milk Bar, New York), who has that sweet, bottom-of-your-cereal-bowl taste in her cereal that is difficult to describe but immediately familiar Milk™.

Refining the recipe a bit, we infused six different breakfast cereals (Corn Flakes, Crunchy Nuts, Froot Loops, Choco Krispies, Honey Bsss Pops & Frosties) in STORK CLUB Rye Whiskey and The result is our Experimental Series 2021, the unique STORK CLUB Cereal Killer.

Enjoy with your eyes closed -
brings back childhood memories!

Breakfast of Champions | Signature "Drink"

20 CL ​​breakfast cereals
8 CL STORK CLUB Cereal Killer
Glass: breakfast bowl
Set: muesli spoon

Wake up like a morning champion, do some nice morning exercises and take a big, refreshing bath of corn flakes. Then fill the breakfast bowl with your favorite cereal and STORK CLUB Cereal Killer, stir and serve with a cereal spoon.

Experimental Series #1

Rosé Wine x Rye Whiskey

Batch 1: Experimental Series

Characterized by a willingness to experiment, in close cooperation with wineries, an aperitif has been created that deliberately wants to provoke. The STORK CLUB Rosé-Rye is the first release of the Stork Club "Experimental Series". It combines two themes that at first glance don't have much in common: aromatic, full-bodied rye whiskey and fresh, fruity rosé wine.

The full fruit of the Pinot Noir rosé from Sun-drenched vineyards in Baden meet robust Brandenburg rye with its notes of sherry, dried fruit and nuts and combine to form a light and tasty aperitif.

Photo: David Ansalone

Rosé Rye Tonic | Long drink recommendation

6 CL STORK CLUB rosé-rye aperitif
Tonic water
Glass: long drink
Garniture: grapefruit zest

Fill the glass with ice cubes, add the STORK CLUB Rosé-Rye and top up with tonic water. Then garnish with a grapefruit zest and enjoy.

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