Experimental Series No. 2 - STORK CLUB Rye Whiskey infused with Cereals.
Limited to 500 bottles!

Rye whiskey infused with cereals

We were inspired by Christina Tosi (Milk Bar, New York), who has that sweet, bottom-of-your-cereal-bowl taste in her cereal that is difficult to describe but immediately familiar Milk™.

Refining the recipe a bit, we infused six different breakfast cereals (Corn Flakes, Crunchy Nuts, Froot Loops, Choco Krispies, Honey Bsss Pops & Frosties) in STORK CLUB Rye Whiskey and The result is our Experimental Series 2021, the unique STORK CLUB Cereal Killer.

Enjoy with your eyes closed -
brings back childhood memories!

Breakfast of Champions | Signature "Drink"

20 CL ​​breakfast cereals
8 CL STORK CLUB Cereal Killer
Glass: breakfast bowl
Set: muesli spoon

Wake up like a morning champion, do some nice morning exercises and take a big, refreshing bath of corn flakes. Then fill the breakfast bowl with your favorite cereal and STORK CLUB Cereal Killer, stir and serve with a cereal spoon.

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