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Japanese Mizunara Oak - the Ferrari of barrels?

Rare and much more expensive than European and American oak, but why is that?

The Japanese Mizunara oak grows slowly and can only be processed after around 200 years of growth. In addition, the Japanese tree does not grow straight, which is why the wood is difficult to process into barrels. Mizunara oak has a high moisture content and by the way, “Mizunara” means something like “water oak”. The wood is also more porous compared to other oak woods, which can sometimes lead to leaking barrels and ultimately less whiskey.

Due to the difficult cultivation, rare harvest licenses, the nature of the wood and the high demand at the same time, a Can cost around €5,000 alone.

How does mizunara affect the taste of whiskey?

At the beginning of the ripening process, the Mizunara oak has a very concentrated effect on the distillate. Finer, more diverse aromas are only released into the distillate after a longer period of time. Incidentally, this ensures that whiskey from Mizunara casks is often stored for quite a long time.

In terms of taste, whiskey from Mizunara oak casks is often known for a harmonious mixture of sweet and spicy. Flavors like coconut, vanilla and honey mostly pair with oriental spices, Japanese incense, sandalwood and delicious saltiness.

At the molecular level, Japanese Mizunara Oak has the lowest tannin content compared to American and European Oak. To put it simply, this prevents the whiskey from “overgrowing” the taste. The whiskey from Mizunara casks is often very soft on the palate and tongue.

STORK CLUB x Still in Cask | Web 3.0

As already mentioned, there is only one 250 liter STORK CLUB Mizunara cask. It was filled with our popular rye malt distillate earlier this year. And it will only be emptied in about 5 years, when the whiskey has reached a unique, delicious taste, characterized by the Mizunara oak.

Through our partnership with "Still in Cask" you have the opportunity Secure cask shares from the acclaimed STORK CLUB MIZUNARA now.

When you purchase cask shares through Still in Cask, they are recorded on a public blockchain on the Stellar network. This guarantees you a more secure, transparent and publicly accessible documentation of the sales contract between you and us - the distillery.

After a few years you can easily redeem your cask share for a 500ML bottle of Mizunara Whiskey.

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