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Schlepzig: Where Whiskey Dreams Took Flight

Road trips often hold the promise of adventure, and in the waning months of 2015, our journey led us to a most unexpected destination - the quaint main street of Schlepzig, situated approximately 60 kilometers south of Berlin. Our initial aim was simple: to acquire a solitary barrel of whisky from Brandenburg's most ancient distillery.

As we found ourselves standing in the charming courtyard of this distillery, listening intently to the owner's words, the contours of our lives were about to change forever. His announcement that he sought a successor ignited a spark within each of us. This, we realized, was the adventure we had been yearning for all along. And so, in 2017, following a multitude of structural transformations, the installation of mash tuns, fermenters, and even our very own mill, we set ablaze Germany's inaugural rye whisky still, and thus, the STORK HOUSE Rye Whiskey was born.

The Visionaries Behind STORK HOUSE: Meet the Founders

STORK HOUSE is the brainchild of three individuals whose names resonate within the world of spirits. Steffen Lohr, the former bartender, with stints at renowned establishments like "Der Raum" in Melbourne, spent years as a brand ambassador for Bacardi before founding his agency, "Small Big Brands," alongside Bastian Heuser and Sebastian Brack. Sebastian Brack himself stands as the creative genius behind the triumphant Thomas Henry bitter lemonade brand and holds co-founding credits in Belsazar Vermouth. Completing the trio is Bastian Heuser, another former bartender and one of the masterminds behind the "Bar Convent Berlin," Europe's premier trade fair for the bar and beverage industry.

Their creed, etched into every bottle of their whiskey, declares, "In character, in manner, in style, in all things, the supreme excellence is SIMPLICITY."

Spreewald's Whiskey Wonderland: Where Magic Happens

Nestled amidst the enchanting floodplain landscape of the Spreewald Biosphere Reserve, resembling a sprawling river delta, lies a haven for whiskey production blessed with a unique microclimate. Here, in the charming village of Schlepzig, the STORK HOUSE whiskey distillery takes center stage. Since 2004, it has been a crucible for crafting award-winning whisk(e)ys of the utmost quality. In 2010, the world took notice when Jim Murray's Whiskey Bible awarded this distillery's creations an impressive 94 points.

Fast forward to the close of 2015, when Steffen Lohr, Sebastian Brack, and Bastian Heuser embarked on their journey. They transformed this venerable establishment into Germany's inaugural rye whiskey distillery. The pinnacle of their achievement came in 2019 when STORK HOUSE was crowned "World's Best Rye Whiskey" at the prestigious World Whiskeys Awards.

Savoring STORK HOUSE: A Tribute to Craftsmanship

Each drop of STORK HOUSE Rye Whiskey carries within it the essence of adventure, expertise, and the pristine beauty of the Spreewald. From the serendipitous encounter on a quiet German street to the passionate craftsmanship of seasoned industry veterans, this tale embodies the spirit of simplicity and excellence.

As you savor the golden nectar in your glass, remember that every sip is a tribute to a journey that began with a humble barrel of whiskey and transformed into a thriving distillery nestled amidst the magic of the Spreewald. STORK HOUSE invites you to join them on this remarkable odyssey, one sip at a time.

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The same juice just with a slightly different name due to legal reasons!

In fact, almost everyone knows him. The "Stork Club" was a nightclub in New York City. One of the most renowned clubs in the world at the time. And even if it no longer exists, the name "Stork Club" is protected in the USA. We're not allowed to use it. Therefore, our Rye Whiskey is sold there under the "Stork House" brand.


Have you ever wondered how STORK HOUSE Rye Whiskey is produced?

Since 2004, award-winning whiskeys of the highest quality have been distilled and matured in the STORK HOUSE distillery 60km south of Berlin. In 2010, the whiskey was awarded 94 points internationally by Jim Murray's Whiskey Bible for the first time. In 2019, STORK HOUSE Rye Whiskey received the World's Best Rye Whiskey award at the World Whiskeys Awards. We make our whiskey in a traditional and artisan way. And yet we love to break with conventions. It's not for nothing that we are Germany's first pure rye whiskey distillery!


The basis of our whiskey is German rye from the surrounding fields of Brandenburg. We obtain this rye from agricultural cooperatives and cooperatives of regional farmers. That makes sense, because Brandenburg is Europe's largest growing region for rye and is known worldwide for its quality. Even well-known American Rye Whiskey producers buy their rye here in Brandenburg!


In our hammer mill, we grind our grain ourselves according to our specifications. A fine rye flour is produced, which we now boil down with plenty of water for several hours. In this process, we convert the starch in the flour into simple sugars so that they can be digested by the yeasts in the fermentation process. The result is a viscous, dark and very sweet grain porridge: the mash. This mash is now pumped into our fermentation tanks, where it is mixed with selected yeast strains. The yeasts now eat the sugar in the mash and excrete CO2 and alcohol in the process. The fermentation process takes about 5 days, after which the sweet grain porridge has turned into a sour grain porridge with about 9% alcohol. We affectionately call it "Distillers Beer". This Distillers Beer is now being distilled


The rye mash is pumped into our two copper hybrid stills and gently distilled there. The first distillation takes place in a pot still, the second distillation process in a so-called aromator over 5 copper bubble trays. Our New Make - the raw distillate - has approx. 75% vol. after distillation. We can distil approx. 90-100L New Make from 1,000L mash, after two distillation processes we can fill a 200L whiskey barrel. Incidentally, we work with two self-developed Mash Bills (cereal recipes):

100% raw rye fruit Bold & Spicy: this distillate impresses with its peppery fruitiness and results in a robust and spicy whiskey.

100% rye malt Sweet & Mellow: this distillate impresses with its malty sweetness and chocolate notes and results in a smooth and sweet whiskey.


Up to 60-80% of the aromas contained in the whiskey are released from the casks, which serve as temporary storage space for the whiskey. We have the highest demands on our cask management, because that is at least as elementary as the mash bill of our whiskeys and the yeasts we use.

Our whiskeys are matured in different casks for at least 3 years and before bottling married together to develop complexity, character and the typical STORK HOUSE taste. For this purpose, we primarily use barrels made of American or German Napoleon oak that are individually built for us. The casks are heat treated (“toasted”) in different ways in order to transfer very specific taste characteristics to the whiskey. But “preallocated” barrels are also used. Barrels that used to contain e.g. wine, sherry or other spirits.


After aging, the whiskey casks are emptied and blended together in specific compositions. After a rest period, it is filtered and reduced to drinking strength by adding filtered, neutralized water. The bottling and labeling as the last step takes place - mostly still by hand - also in our distillery.

OUR award-winning PRODUCTS

Immerse yourself in a world of distinctive flavors and innovative blends. From the rich spices of STORK HOUSE Straight Rye Whiskey to the award-winning full-force impact of STORK HOUSE Full Proof Rye Whiskey, and the revolutionary flair of STORK HOUSE Rosé-Rye Aperitif, our range embodies tradition, innovation, and the pursuit of exceptional taste.

Down to earth. Down to whiskey. 100% German rye.


This rye whiskey is made in small batches from German rye. It matures in individually toasted American & German Napoleon oak casks as well as sherry and wine casks and is bottled at approximately cask strength.

Raw material: 100% German rye
Barrels: American & German Napoleon oak, ex-white wine, ex-sherry
Tasting notes: Butterscotch and black pepper, perfect balance of mature oak, juicy grain and light vanilla notes; dried fruits, a hint of cloves and a fascinatingly long aftertaste.

• 2023 - Gold Winner - The World Whiskey Masters - The Spirits Business
• 2021 - Best Whiskey in Germany - ISW
• 2019 - 98 Points Gold Outstanding - IWSC
• 2019 - Worlds Best Rye Whiskey - World Whiskey Awards
• 2018 - Double Gold Winner - San Francisco Spirits Competition
• 2017 - Best Whiskey in Germany - ISW


THE COCKTAIL RYE! – Our straight rye whiskey is distilled from selected German rye and matures in American and German Napoleon oak barrels that are individually toasted for us. It is the perfect partner for whiskey highballs and cocktails!

Raw material: 100% German rye
Barrels: First fill American oak & German Napoleon oak
Tasting Notes: Caramel and spices, dark chocolate with a hint of espresso and the typical peppery note of rye


The world's first whiskey aperitif!

The full fruit of the Pinot Noir rosé from sun-drenched vineyards in Baden meets robust Brandenburg rye with its notes of sherry, dried fruit and nuts and combines to form a light and tasty aperitif with a fantastic drink. Poured up with soda or tonic, the result is a completely new whiskey long drink that certainly doesn't care about one thing: conventions!

Raw materials/ ingredients: Baden Pinot Noir rosé wine, rye whiskey
Barrels (whiskey): First fill American oak & German Napoeon oak
Tasting notes: Fresh berries and citrus notes, dry sherry, spicy finish with light tannins


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